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Another round of payouts to loyal delegators

I’m happy to let you know, that ASTOR has paid out the second round of dividends to loyal delegators.  As always, we only keep what is actually needed to run the pool - the rest goes to delegators and charity . Everyone on equal terms, including the SPO.  This time we could pay out a little more than last time , because of reduced cost for running the pool. A small percentage I use for research for the upcoming Alonzo area (i.e. spinning up scalable Kubernetes cluster to try stuff out).  Here are the details ...   The next round of payouts for period [254..260] will happen in E262.  Update: I recently joined the Plutus Pioneer Program so that eventually I can bring all of this to Cardano as a smart contract. This will have a massive effect on future payouts, because the tax man will not get the lion share any more. You’re welcome to come on board.