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How to transfer ADA to the Orion Protocol

In this post we describe how to transfer ADA from the Cardano network to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that powers the Orion Protocol  and vice versa. Orion has recently partnered with Cardano to bring it's on-stop crypto marketplace solution to the Cardano community. Through it's terminal it allows access to major CEX, DEX + swap pools directly from your wallet. In this tutorial we are going to use the  Metamask  browser extension to connect a  Ledger  HW wallet to the Binance Smart Chain.  Lets get right into it ... Step 1 - Connect Hardware Wallet Unlock your Ledger and select the Ethereum application.  Click "Connect Hardware Wallet" and select an account Your Ledger is now connected to Metamask ready to authorize transactions on the Ethereum Mainnet. This isn't what we want however, instead we'd like to use the Binance Smart Chain. Step 2 - Add the Binance Smart Chain to Metamask After selecting the source asset on the Binance Bridge web page, we clic

How does that ASTOR loyalty payout system work?

Every month ASTOR distributes the pool rewards that were not needed to it's loyal delegators.  The rational behind it is that 6 x 340 => 2040 ADA p.m. pool reward is much more than we actually need to run a reliable/secure staking pool and we would therefore like to give back to folks who support our technical contribution for Cardano ... Provide high quality multiarch docker images for Cardano It took a while to put this idea into practise, because we wanted to do this in Haskell  so that we could largely automate the process. Here is how it works … We take a snapshot of who has delegated to ASTOR consistently over the last six epochs We calculate the average stake for every stake address that qualifies From the pool rewards we subtract 1% margin that goes to charity We then subtract the actual running cost, which is very little We further subtract a tax escrow, which is subject to local tax regulations The remainder is distributed proportionally among delegators who qualify Yo