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Update to the ASTOR payout scheme

Over the last six months we paid out a significant share of the pool rewards to our loyal delegators. Most folks who received these benefits continued to delegate to the pool. As a reminder, here is how it worked so far … We took a snapshot of who had delegated to ASTOR consistently over the last six epochs We calculated the average stake for every stake address that qualifies From the pool rewards we subtracted 1% margin that went to charity We then subtracted the actual running cost, which was very little We further subtracted a tax escrow, which is subject to local tax regulations The remainder was distributed proportionally among delegators who qualified The minimum payout value had to be >= 1 ADA (enforced by the network) Finally, we generated a transaction with metadata that published the details Much of this can stay as is, but we can also make some improvements. With the event of Plutus the process can be handled by a smart contract and therefore becomes part of the network