How to swap your Astor tokens with Plutus

Starting with payout period [290...296] we are sending out Astor tokens that can be swapped 1:1 against real Ada by sending them to a Plutus smart contract. In that way, our payouts to loyal delegators become part of the network functionality allowing us to lower pool cost even more.

Thanks to the delegation from the Cardano Foundation 

Astor will now have an effective delegator cost of 0.3%

The 1% pool margin is still used to plant trees for the planet - lots of them. This is your daily climate action, while maximizing your rewards.

When receiving Astor tokens, you will see a transaction in your wallet like this ...

To swap these Astor tokens you will have to send them to a Plutus smart contract that is executed on the Cardano blockchain. Drafting such a Tx is a little involved ... so we thought, we make it as easy as sending tokens to a target address.

What actually happens is that there is process that continuously monitors that address for token inputs and then does the Plutus invocation for you like this ...

You will find the address where to send the tokens to in the metadata associated with your payout transaction

Please remember to swap your tokens in time - they expire after three months.




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